Music by Leif Chappelle

The music catalogued on these pages represent a body of work collected over the years from all assorted genres and styles. Feel free to take a listen, read up on a few descriptive snippets, or even post some feedback on a particular piece.

  • Styles

    Theme BGM Groove Cinematic Ambiance Introduction Action

  • Instrumentation

    Solo Chamber Orchestral Electro-acoustic Rock Electronic Jazz Chiptune

  • Descriptors

    Looping Haunting Playful Nostalgic Retro Beautiful Contemplative Live
    Delicate World Chill Episodic Chaotic

  • Length

    Short Long

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    On a Forest Path With Slugs

    The first part of a new four-movement suite Two Weeks in Another World. Solo guitar in a symmetrical A-B-C-B-A form; an adventure into a brief setting with careful footfalls.

    10 Listens | 10.10.10 | Download

    Break Through

    Answering the question “If a train appeared in front of you, for no reason, would you get on or let it pass?” Written for An Apropos Train. Contains samples (subtly) from the arcade games Joust and Carnival!

    61 Listens | 01.13.10 | Download

    In Real Time

    An extended version of the original intro/theme I wrote for's podcast Active Time Babble. The whole thing is an homage to classic Final Fantasy battle themes, including its own little victory theme. Spot the references!

    70 Listens | 11.27.09 | Download


    A tree, viewed from one side: beautiful, lush; from the other side, hollowed out and rotting. The concept of turning around to discover hidden truths. Shedding our unnecessary leaves to become something potentially greater, or nothing at all.

    60 Listens | 11.09.09 | Download

    At Night

    Wandering slowly through the dark, memories begin to come back to me one at a time. My feet had traced these steps years ago. As had many others’. A car rushes by and I realize the enormity of the city, even at night.
    110 Listens | 07.26.09 | Download


    A bit of a contemplative piece, built to live within the space it creates aurally. Wet limestone walls, the trickle of water running through the subterranian valley. Composed entirely with pxtune, then remixed and mastered in SONAR using Guitar Rig for some additional effects.
    71 Listens | 07.12.09 | Download

    Backseat Driver

    Taking a bit more liberty with the noise channel for some fun percussion effects, I wrote this ‘tune as the setting for a fun adventure with brief interludes of off-beat chaos. The track loops, but also has a ‘game over’ jingle tagged onto the end.
    80 Listens | 05.30.09 | Download


    An NES-style chiptune written using FamiTracker. Especially fond of the break beats that surface in the latter-half. Also of note is the Mega Man homage tom-toms that you may recognize! More details here.
    80 Listens | 05.02.09 | Download

    Iron Depths

    An older piece that I resurrected from obscurity with a new synth backing and rhythm tracks. Done in the style of a Sakuraba-esque dungeon theme. More details here.
    70 Listens | 03.09.09 | Download